Power-TEC | Power T.E.C. - What We Do

Power T.E.C.'s field services include the inspection, maintenance, overhaul, and installation of the following equipment:

· Steam Turbines
· Hot Gas Expander Trains
· Pumps
· Gear Boxes
· Turbo-Generators

· Gas Turbines
· Centrifugal Compressors
· Reciprocating Equipment
· Conveyors
· Fin-Fans

Additional field services offered by Power T.E.C. include laser alignment of multi-component equipment and in-plant maintenance.

The field services we offer are designed to complement your existing maintenance program. Power T.E.C. is proud of its people for their professionalism. We are qualified to service all your mechanical needs. Power T.E.C. is not limited to any particular design or manufacturer due to our extensive working knowledge of virtually every type of centrifugal and reciprocating equipment in service today. In the event of an emergency such as hurricane damage, breakdown, or any other event, Power T.E.C. can immobilize immediately to begin repairs at your facility.