Safety & Certification

In today's workplace safety is a very high priority, with the need to reduce injuries on the personal level, and the risk of injury to others, property and the environment, it is imperative to have a positive attitude towards working safely.

While our crews are working at your facility, you can be assured that members of our staff will adhere to your in-house safety requirements as well as our own. PTEC is continuously reviewing, developing and implementing our safety program to educate personnel on the potential hazards on the jobsite. Jobsite meetings are held at the beginning of each shift to discuss job hazard and any work related issues.

Being committed to a safe, healthy and efficient workplace and staff, Power T.E.C. is obligated to enforce a strict drug and alcohol policy. We as a company must meet our contractual obligations in a fashion that is free of drugs and alcohol. In addition to the unacceptable health and safety dangers and possible diminished quality of services, Power T.E.C. recognizes its own health, reputation and quality of services can be affected by such substances and their abuses. Power T.E.C. strictly enforces a "zero tolerance" policy with regards to substance abuse.

In summary, Power T.E.C. can be counted on to perform in a manner safe to personnel and the environment. Our commitment is ongoing to provide for a safe workplace.