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Commitment to Safety

Jobsite safety is critical in any workplace environment – and this is especially true when heavy duty machinery is in use. Every technician at Power T.E.C. is trained to adhere to your in-house safety standards as well as universal best practices for your operational environment.

We’re continuously updating and adapting our own safety standards to provide industry-leading assurance that our technicians perform all work safely and responsibly, because we know that your enterprise is only successful when your employees have a safe and efficient workspace.

“Zero Tolerance” Policy

At Power T.E.C., we enforce a strict drug and alcohol policy to ensure our technicians are always operating at their best and safest. We have a “zero tolerance” policy regarding substance abuse to reinforce our commitment to complete jobsite safety.

Everything we do is designed to completely eliminate or mitigate the risk of injury to our technicians, our clients, and the property in their facility. We understand that even the slightest imbalance or smallest imperfection can result in unnecessary downtime, radically affecting your company’s productivity and profitability, and most importantly, everyone’s safety.

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