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Today’s industry leaders rely on everyday equipment efficiency to stay competitive, and when equipment breaks down, it can lead to serious consequences. Specialized, heavy-duty rotating and reciprocating equipment requires an expert repair service from a mechanical field technician that understands the importance of a swift and accurate repair to get clients back on schedule.

Power T.E.C., based out of Van Vleck, Texas, is an experienced millwright field service contractor with nearly 40 years of dedicated service and proven customer satisfaction. Since our company’s start in 1983, we’ve cultivated a reputation for timely service, quality work, and complete commitment to onsite safety.

Our Approach

Power T.E.C. has served petro-chemical, refining, power, and pipeline clientele across the U.S.A. Power TEC has become experts in providing field services for the repair of equipment. From installation projects for new facilities to turnaround activities and emergency repairs, our highly trained team can handle it all.

When you’re operating in the field under a tight deadline, downtime can quickly cost your organization time and money – but an experienced mechanical field service company like Power T.E.C. can get you operating at peak efficiency in no time. Power T.E.C. has built a reputation for doing quality work. This reputation has allowed Power T.E.C. to compete with the major manufactures (OEM) in field service work. We’re also available to provide emergency equipment repairs in the event of a hurricane or other unforeseen breakdowns.

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